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P.O. Box 393
Scottsboro, Al 35768

Heratia Brelland
Laffon Brelland
Sara Sanders
Jeremy Selby



UCA will be participating in the Christmas Parade this year. It will be on Monday, December 4th. Everyone who is riding in the parade will need to be at the old Walmart parking lot (in the front) at 4:00 p.m. so we will be able to decorate the truck . The parade will start at 6:00 p.m. and line up is at 5:00 p.m. so, we only have a short time to decorate the truck. So please be prompt. We felt that this would be a great time for us to wear our new school shirts!! It will probably be cold so you might want to wear a sweatshirt under your t-shirt. We would also like for anyone who doesn't have a school shirt to please wear a white shirt or Christmas colors. We also do not have an accurate count on how many people will be participating in this event Please call the school phone and leave a message letting us know if you will be riding by Friday , Nov 24th This would also let us know if any additional trucks are needed. We would really hate for you to show up and not have a place to sit. Also, the children might want to bring a bag of candy to throw out during the parade.


UCA will be practicing for Christmas caroling on Tuesday, Nov. 28th, Dec 5th and Dec 12th from 1:00-2:00 at Saint Lukes . It is located at 402 Scott Street across from Page School. This year we will be going caroling at a retirement home here in Scottsboro and possibly another location. The exact date of the caroling and what we are going to wear will be announced within the next few weeks at choir practice. The children really have a great time and this year we have some wonderful ladies who have volunteered their time to help us make this a great experience.


We are excited to announce that band will be starting in Jan 2001. Band will be offered to children in grades 5 and up with or without any previous music experience. Also, we will be offering a recorder class for the younger children to get acquainted with reading music. We have already had a band parent meeting but you can still take advantage of this great opportunity !! Please call the school phone if you are interested before Friday, Dec 1st.


ATTENTION: 4-H will not meet in the month of December.It will resume in Jan 2001. We will post the date and time of the meeting in the Jan newsletter.


Literature group will be meeting on Dec 12th from 12:00 - 1:00 at Saint Lukes. The book to have read for Dec literature group is Young Santa By: Dan Greenberg. We realize that the literature books have been hard to find so, we are going to check the book out and pass it along from person to person so that everyone has a chance to read the book. If for some reason you do not get a hold of the book by literature group day then your child may still come and participate in the activity.


We will be having a Christmas Party for all children in grades 5-up on Friday, Dec 8th from 7:00p.m.-10:00p.m. at the old rec-com building which is located across from the library. We will be playing games, music and have lots of fun !! Each child at UCA is allowed to bring one guest. Admission will only be $1.00 per child. We are asking that each boy bring a 3 liter soft drink and each girl bring a box of popcorn or chips . UCA will provide the pizza and some other snacks!!! There will be adult supervision at the event and no child will be permitted to leave or go outside the building .You will need to come in to pick up your child. If you think your child will be able to make this event then please let the school know by Dec. 6th in order to have enough food.


We will be having a Christmas Party in December for all members of UCA. It will be held at Carol Womacks home and date will be announced at caroling practice. If you are not participating in caroling then please call the school phone for more details and the date by Dec. 1st.


Book orders are to be turned in no later than December 15th to be able to place the order before the deadline. If you have not received your order forms then see Kim.

Our school is saving box top labels. These labels can be found on various types of cereal and hamburger helper meals. We will have a box located in the resource center for you to place your box tops in each month. By saving these box top labels our school will be able to earn points towards different items for the resource center.

UCA is still participating in Campbell's Label's for Education Program. This is also a great way for us to earn FREE educational material for our school. So please continue to save those labels. There was detailed information on this in your Nov. newsletter and we will also have information and a collection box for the labels at the resource center.

Several families have inquired about piano lessons from Kim Culpepper. She has decided to give private beginner lessons for those interested. The cost for each child enrolled in UCA is $5.00 per lesson. For any nonmember in the school it will be $7.00 per lesson. For those interested please contact her home at 574-3499.

There will be a committee meeting posted in the January newsletter. This meeting will be to discuss a schedule for activities for the rest of the school year. Anyone who is a member at UCA is welcome to attend. Be thinking about what activities and field trips you would like for us to do and give the list and details to Greta, Kim or Carol by the end of December if you do not think you will be able to attend this meeting.


We will have the resource center open on Dec. 7th from 1:00 - 2:00. Anyone wanting to check out books or even help with tagging and making kits can come.


These following events are things that UCA did not schedule as field trips that you or your family might like to attend on your own.


North Alabama Railroad Museum has a santa train ride in the month of December. This railroad museum is located in Huntsville. For more information about their schedule call (256) 851-6276. Or their website is:


If you want to celebrate Christmas as the pioneers did the don't miss "Christmas Past" on December 9th ar Audubon Acres. This is located in Chattanooga TN and we plan on taking a field trip here sometime in the spring. For more information about the Christmas even they are having then call: (423) 892-1499 Adukts will be $4.00 and children 3:00.