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Diploma Review

United Christian Academy’s Resource Guide for High School Homeschoolers includes a suggested course of study that
can be used as a guideline for high school work. Every high school student in the diploma program will receive one of these guides .
Please remember that this is a suggested course of study, not a list of requirements. We believe each homeschooling family should have a choice as to their own
individual educational plan for the high school years. UCA’s diploma committee is only here to advise and suggest.

The high school student will be working all along with an advisor and his/her teacher so most of the problem areas
should already have been tackled. The diploma review is for finality, a sharing of what you have done during your
high school years, a time for others to make some suggestions, and a time for you to ask questions.

The diploma committee is not here to judge. We would however like to make sure you have everything you need to
attain your goal in life. First, the diploma committee would love to have the high school student share with us
something special they have done the past year while homeschooling. Secondly, the diploma committee tries to
identify any gaps you might have in your educational program and make suggestions about how to fill them in the way
of resources and materials. Thirdly, we would like to help in making your transcripts or portfolio the best
representation of your high school years. Last, we would like to take the time for you to ask any questions that you
might have about homeschooling during your high school years.

United Christian Academy requires the following at the diploma review meeting at the end of each year.

First, we would like for the student to share something with us that they have done from the past year.
This sharing can be done in the form of a collection of photographs of something they accomplished, some stories they
wrote, some artwork they have done, a short experiment they worked on, or a short simple oral presentation.

Next, each high school student should have 4 copies of the following ready for the high school review. All of these
should be handed in to your advisor two weeks before the high school diploma review is scheduled in the spring.

1. A book list (include classics and great books of literature as well as some books you read for pleasure in
the last year).

2. A paper (two typewritten pages—telling us about any educational experience that interested you in your
last year).

3. Your transcripts that you and your advisor have worked out for the last year.

4. A brief summary of what you have explored in each subject listed below. The following subjects come
right from the suggested course of study in your High School Handbook. Although we feel that it is best
to explore most of these subjects each year, we realize that your personal program may not have
everything until your entire four years are finished.

Language Art Skills/Literature
Math Skills
Science Skills
Social Science/Humanities
Life Skills/Learning Skills
A plan and/or focus for the future
Volunteer, Community Service, or a job outside of the home


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