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We believe homeschooling is a tutor type method of private education within the home, where the parents are a child's primary teacher.
We believe that every child is unique and gifted in some way and the way you educate should promote these gifts.
There are many reasons families may decide to homeschool their children.
Whatever your reason may be for considering to homeschool is your own personal right.
We are here to provide you with the legal means of doing this in the state of Alabama.

We think it is important to offer a place to unite and have assistance with support from advisors, educational resources, academic records, and a variety of programs and activities.
Because homeschooling is the fastest growing educational alternative today, there are many ways to avoid the so called non socialization associated with homeschooling.
Many families participate in homeschool support groups, scouting, church, recreational activities, and other associations. There are many ways for homeschoolers to meet other children. Studies have shown that in many cases homeschoolers have a more positive self image than their schooled peers.

Many people ask the question about what will your child will do after high school years. The truth of the matter is most colleges are proud to get homeschoolers. Admission professionals are beginning to understand that well prepared home schoolers deserve an equal chance to prove themselves and they are wonderful additions to an educational community.
Colleges look at the ACT and SAT scores .Both of these standardized test have begun asking exam takers if they were homeschooled.
In fact, a poll showed were homeschoolers had better than the national average on the ACT for the past three years and on the SAT scored an average 1,083, which is 67 points above the nat ional average of 1,016. In some cases, homeschoolers have also entered colleges early making full use of the colleges accelerated programs and dual enrollment programs.
Your child could be right along with one the many famous homeschoolers: Leonardo da Vinci, Fred Terman (a Stanford University President), William Johnson ( a Columbia University President), John Witherspoon (a Princeton University President), Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Hans Christian Anderson, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Daniel Webster, and many more not mentioned. Including several Presidents of the United States, U.S. Supreme Court Judges, and Statesmen.

If you decide to homeschool we welcome you to the homeschool community .
Take the time to view our site to see what we can provide for you.

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We Provide Newsletter Diploma Program
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