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April 2001 Newsletter

Happy Birthday

Nathan Bradbury

Stephanie Bradbury

Josh Culpepper

Clifford Tuten

Brittney Wibanks

Campbell’s Labels and Boxtops

We have had several turned in over the past couple of months.
We really appreciate your efforts in trying to help the school purchase things we can all use.

Memory Books

We have a work day on March 22nd at the Resource Center from 9:00 – 11:30. Please bring any pictures you may have that the school could copy and don’t forget to put your name on the back along with what type of activity it may be. WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING PICTURES OF PAST ACTIVITIES AFTER MARCH 30TH TO GO IN THE MEMORY BOOK. The reason for this is because some of the pages will be layed out and ready to print on this weekend and we will be unable to add pictures to them once we have them placed on paper. We will continue to put the recent activities that we will be doing (band concert, dairy farm, history museum, egg drop) in the memory book so therefore the books will not be available to hand out until mid May. We are asking for everyone that would like a memory book to send in a $10 deposit by April 20th. This will cover the cost of what we need to print up so far. We are estimating the book at costing us around $15 a piece so therefore you will still owe $5 in May when the book is ready for pickup. WE ARE ONLY MAKING ENOUGH BOOKS FOR THE FAMILIES THAT MAKE A $10 DEPOSIT TO RESERVE THEIR COPY. There is no way we can go back and add another book to the list after April 20th. So if you want a book you must have your money in by that date.

Standardized Testing

We will be offering standardized testing toward the end of May. If you would like for your student to be tested then you will need to send in $20 by May 5th so we can order your test. You will need to make sure your money will reach the post office by the 5th because the test will be ordered on the 6th. If you have any questions concerning these test then please see Greta or Kim.

Band Concert

Band concert will be Thursday May 10th at 6:30. It will be held in the fellowship hall of Calvary Baptist Church. The students will need to be there by 6:00 for pictures. For the children in recorder they need to be dressed in Sunday clothes and the band children boys need to wear black pants, black shoes, and white button up with black tie. The girls need to wear black skirts, black hose, black shoes, and white blouse.

Egg Drop

This Easter we will be having an egg drop contest. It will be held on April 9th at King Caldwell Park at 1:00. The purpose of an egg drop competition is to challenge people’s creativity and ingenuity in solving a "real world" problem. These competitions are held at all levels of education, and are very popular on college campuses as well.

The contestants in an egg drop contest design and build a container to safely transport 1 raw egg to the ground from a 2nd story or balcony. Our contest is designed to reward both safety and accuracy. In order to score many points, the egg must remain unbroken, and needs to remain in the target area after landing.

Numerous variations of the rules have been used for these competitions. We have chose this set of rules to allow maximum creativity with the least mess. If the contest goes well this year, we could make it an annual event. All ages (even parents) may participate.


    2. Contestants supply their own materials
    4. Egg machines must fit in a 12-inch cube
    6. Contestants will drop their own machine
    8. The contest sponsors will supply eggs
    10. Eggs must be removed from the machine in 30 seconds or less
    12. No hazardous, flammable, or powdered materials allowed
    14. Contestants must clean up their own mess
    16. Target is a 3-foot radius circle
    18. Scoring is as follows:
  • Broken Egg: 0 Points

    Cracked Egg 5 Points

    Whole Egg 12 Points

  • In Circle 1.0

    On Circle 0.75

    Out of Circle 0.5

  • Example: Whole Egg in circle: 12 X 1.0 = 12 points.

    Whole Egg out of circle: 12 X 0.5 = 6 points

      2. In case of a tie, a "drop-off" will be held and tied contestants will drop their machines again. If neither of them break or crack their eggs then their machine will be measured to see who is closest to the center of the circle. The other person will fall to the next place.
      4. Machines will be measured in the most advantageous position.
      6. Each contestant must design and build his/her own machine. Commercially constructed containers are not allowed. (i.e. egg cartons)
      8. First place winner will received $10, second place $5, and 3rd place $3.




  • Literature Group

    Literature Group will be at 12:30 on April 23rd at Shiloh Baptist Church across from Save-a-Lot in Scottsboro. The book that should be read for the younger group is James and the Giant Peach. The book for the older children is Maniac Magee by: Jerry Spenilli

    Picture Day

    We will be having a picture day in May for all the familes. Everyone should attend even if they do not want any of the pictures because we will be putting them in our memory book. If you would like copies of the pictures that will be taken then you can see the proofs and place your order after that day. If anyone knows of a nice place we can take these photos then please see Kim or Greta. We took pictures at the Chamber of Commerce last year and they turned out great.

    Wrights Dairy Farm & History Museum

    We will be going to Wrights Dairy Farm and Anniston Museum of Natural History on Tuesday May 21st. It will be an all day event in Anniston. We plan on meeting at Foodworld in Scottsboro around 8:15 and leaving at 8:30 and taking the tour of the dairy farm from 10:00 to 11:30. This farm only schedules field trips 3 days out of the year. They milk the cows, bottle their own milk, make butter and ice cream. You will take a wagon tour and see the nursery barn and even get to taste the milk. The cost for the dairy farm is $5 per person 2 year old and up. If you plan on attending this trip you will need to reserve your spot and pay for the trip by April 15th.

    After the dairy farm trip we will go to some restaurant for lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. Please bring extra cash for this. Your lunch has not been included with the price for the tours.

    Then we are scheduled to be at the Museum at 1:00. There we will get a special program on awesome animals. The school will pay for the special program on awesome animals. We would like lots of families to take advantage of this programs since the school is paying $60 for the program. After the program we can take a self guided tour through the museum. There is a brochure at the resource center of this museum if you are interested in seeing the things they have. The cost for this will be $2 per person for the tour.



    We know that there is lots of things we have tried to plan for April and May since it is drawing near the end of the year. We are hoping families can make most of these special events. We would appreciate any parent volunteers we can get. Depending upon our help we are going to try to have a field day, end of the year dance, and Hawaiian Luau. Also, in May we need to have an end of the year meeting and get everyone to help fill out their transcripts. All the high school students must be working on their end of the year projects and asking their coordinators for help if they need it. We will also be going over next year changes to which we have many of them. You will also be able to reenroll if you would like to at your final meeting before the summer approaches.

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