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United Christian Academy
P.O. Box 393
Scottsboro, AL 35768

October 2000 Newsletter

Selena Chambers October 24th
Jamie Long October 28th
Charlotte Trimew October 29th


We will be having a fundraising car wash on September
30th at Wal-Mart parking lot. It will start at 9:00 and last
throughout the afternoon. This car wash will be for buying
a copier for our Resource Center. Wal-Mart is helping us.
They are going to match the amount we make. We are in
great need to all the families that are willing to help. If
there are any supplies you can bring then please do so. We
will have a small reward for each child that comes and
participates. Also, whoever comes to help will get a
discount on their school t-shirts that we are taking orders
for this month. If you are going to make it then it would be
very helpful if you let us know ahead of time. Of course, if
you decide you can come at the last minute then we would
deeply appreciate it.


Please make sure your children stay inside at the Resource Center when
there is not a scheduled activity going on outdoors. We did have some
children get scratched up at our last activity.

Watch for a school directory to be put into your mailbox at the Resource
Center during the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to see our wonderful website then check it out!!! Our web
address is listed at the top of this newsletter.

Anyone needing a teacher card or report card then pick one up at the
Resource Center.

Save your Campbell's labels as well as Prego, Pepridge Farm, V-8 and box
tops. Turn them in at the Resource Center.

If you have any school cookbooks that the school is selling for the copier
fundraiser then please turn in your sale money with your October tuition by
the 5th.


We had several books and software donations from families this month and
we do sincerely appreciate it.

Also a special thanks goes to one of our parents who gave us a generous
donation to help out with the school.

Schedule of Events

September 30th - Car wash at Wal-mart Parking lot. Starts at 9:00. In front of the Garden
Center. Bring any supplies you might have.

September 30th - Deadline for paying and signing up for the Amish Field Trip scheduled
for the 21st of the month. You will be supplied directions once you have paid.

October 2nd - Literature Group at the Resource Center 10:00 a.m. The book due is Bill
Peet an Autobiography by: Bill Peet.

October 5th - Art at the Resource center. 12:00 for K-4th and 1:00 for 5th - 12th.

October 9th - 4-H for age 9 and up. 2:00 at Calvary Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.
Park around back and go in the back door.

October 9th - T-shirt purchase deadline. We have found a place that deals with making t-
shirts for homeschool cover schools. They are running a great special for about a month.
We thought the children and even some parents would like to have shirts to wear to
different events and field trips we go on. A lot of parents have mentioned having these
shirts so the kids can all match when we go on an outing. Most of the children will have
these so if you don't want your child to miss out then you must place your order with the
group. There will be a really neat front on the t-shirt pertaining to homeschool and the
back will have the name of the school. You may order any size for adults (small,
medium, large, Xlarge, and XXlarge) and any size for your child ( small, medium, and
large). They are $8.00 for adult and $7.00 for a child. That will include the name on
back and the shipping. You may order sweatshirts instead of t-shirts, but they do cost a
little more. If you are interested in the sweat shirt prices then see Kim. You could
always wear a turtle neck under a t-shirt in the winter time. Please include in with your
money: what size and if it is for a student or a mother. If you or your child helped with
the car wash then they will be due a discount. Please check with Greta or Kim before
placing your order to see how much your shirt will be.

October 10th - 10:00 a.m.Community Service at Southern Estates on Stewart Road.

October 12th - Last Day of Art at the Resource Center. Times are same as above.

October 15th - Book Orders and software orders are due. Please send in your order strip
on the back of whichever book order forms you are ordering from and write one check
out to the school.

October 16th - Deadline to pay for the field trip to the Pumpkin Patch scheduled for Oct.
30th of this month.

October 21st - Amish Community Field Trip in Ethridge Tennessee. The price is $10 for
anyone over 6 year old. It is free for 6 and under. This includes a buffet lunch and the
tour. Any other friends and family are welcome to go with our group for this price as
long as they pay through you and the money is turned in by September 30th. There can be
NO PHOTOGRAPHY on this tour due to religious beliefs. We will meet in Scottsboro at
the front of Food World parking lot and leave at 8:00 SHARP. If you do plan on meeting
us there then please let the school know so we know who to expect to show. If you prefer
meeting us at the entrance to the community then you will be supplied with a map and
directions once you sign up and pay to attend the field trip. You would need to meet us at
the entrance somewhere between 11:00 - 11:30. If you plan on doing this then please be
on time since the school will be writing out one check to pay for everything so we can
have the group rate. We will eat lunch as soon as we get there and then go on the tour
immediately afterwards. In case we are having bad weather for this day then you will
need to call the school phone the night before or morning of the field trip in order to see
if the tour has been canceled and rescheduled (259-5560).

October 27th - Halloween Party at the Resource center from 1:00 to 2:00. We will do
some type of small craft. It will be supplied by the school. Bring a treat to share with
everyone and dress up in your costume!!!! If your child would like to be in the
Halloween coloring contest then pick up your coloring sheet and list of rules at the
resource center. It will be entered in different age groups and will be judged and awarded
at the Halloween party. You must be present to win.

October 30th - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip at Tate Farms. This 2 hour tour includes: hay
ride, educational presentation on corn, pick cotton in the field, hay bale maze, pick your
own pumpkin from the vine, and building a class scarecrow to take back. It will cost $5
per person for anyone over age 2. Your money is due to be turned in by October 16th.
Our tour will be from 9:00 - 11:00. We will meet at the front of Food World Parking lot
and leave at 7:45 a.m. If you prefer meeting us there then please join up with us at the
entrance by 8:45 a.m. Directions are: Take Hwy 72 going toward Huntsville. Before
you head up the mountain into the city of Huntsville you will come to a redlight. That is
Moores Mill Road. Turn right on this road and go 8 miles. Tate Farms is on the right. If
you need a drawn out map then pick one up at the Resource Center. It is a very simple
place to find.


November Literature Group

Harvest Festival


Chorus & Music Theory Classes by Joy Gibby (practicing for Christmas caroling.)
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